Toddler (12-28 Months)

Toddler (12-28 Months)

Your baby is becoming a toddler which means more activity and independence. Our toddler classes are specially designed to change as your child grows and learns. Toddlers will benefit from problem-solving, exploring and socializing.

Play & Learn 3
( 10-16 Months)

Practice physical skills like balance and coordination, while the teacher encourages discovery and exploration for both parents and children! You’ll learn more about how your little one interacts with the world around them and how you can help with their discovery.

Play & Learn 4
(16-22 Months)

Let your toddler take the lead in this fun, fast paced, and engaging play class. All activities are designed to explore opposites, like Stop and Go! Watch as your child’s language develops rapidly while moving across the equipment and exploring. Teacher-led activities support the play that’s happening naturally, providing opportunities for children to grow their confidence and skills.

Play & Learn 5
(22-28 Months)

Time to take on imagination! Creative themes are introduced each week in this playful, social class. Get silly with your toddler and learn how we can add to their imaginative fun with props, songs, and innovative games.

Family Play
(1-5 Years)

Bring all your children to the same class and enjoy fun learning activities created for groups of siblings and friends. With classes devoted to supporting multi-aged learning, children 1-5 years are encouraged to socially interact and learn from each other. Activities provide fun new challenges for every developmental stage.

Music 1
(6-16 Months)

Introduction to songs, props, musical instruments and fun! Babies and parents participate in an engaging music class that introduces musical terminology and skills like melody, pitch, and rhythm.

Music 2
(16-28 Months)

The fun continues in Music 2! Dance and sing to a variety of musical styles, including Rock n’Roll, Classical, Latin and more!

Family Music
(6 Months-5 Years)

Build a solid musical foundation for the whole family! Engage your little one in a multi-age music class, where they will have the opportunity to develop peer leadership and social skills.

Pre-School Steps
(2-3 Years)

Your toddler is growing into a big kid! The Gymboree Play & Music Preschool alternative offers a specially designed curriculum for kids ages 2 to 5 years of age. Choose from programs that best suit your child’s current educational and developmental needs.

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