Baby (6-16 Months)

Baby (6-16 Months)

We have every aspect of your baby’s development covered — from social interaction to physical activity to cognitive learning, and there’s plenty of time for play! Our classes are designed to support your child’s first years of life.

Play & Learn 2
(6-10 Months)

Build strength through play! Songs, props, and teacher-led activities provide babies with an engaging class experience, while giving parents fun tips and tools they can take home. Form friendships with other parents and watch how new babies experience their first social play time.

Play & Learn 3
(10-16 Months)

Practice physical skills like balance and coordination, while the teacher encourages discovery and exploration for both parents and children! You’ll learn more about how your little one interacts with the world around them and how you can help with their discovery.

Baby Lab
(0-10 Months)

A fully immersive and cutting-edge play experience. Thematic classes that explore music, art, baby sign language, literacy, and mindfulness. In this multi-disciplinary class, your baby is exposed to more opportunities for language, movement, sensory integration and more!

Music 1
(6-16 Months)

Introduction to songs, props, musical instruments and fun! Babies and parents participate in an engaging music class that introduces musical terminology and skills like melody, pitch, and rhythm.

Family Music
(6 Months-5 Years)

Build a solid musical foundation for the whole family! Engage your little one in a multi-age music class, where they will have the opportunity to develop peer leadership and social skills.

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